COVID-19 VNA Response

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  • March 26, 2020
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COVID-19 VNA Response

An Important message to all of our clients, families and community partners:

With the first confirmed case of COVID-19 being reported in Black Hawk County, it is important that we share how VNA is responding to responsibilities to maintain our focus on our clients, your health, safety and well-being.

We realize, and take very seriously, that we are the ‘community’ coming into your homes.  We have always been committed to following strict infection control guidelines.  The VNA staff is informed and competent to follow the procedures we have in place, and they are up-to-date in the increased adherence to playing a major role in the awareness of pandemic measures and taking steps to be a part of the prevention.  That is why we have implemented the following protocols:

  • All employees monitor their temperatures daily
  • Before we begin services, all employees will give you a personal update as to their own health status
  • We will in turn then, run a screening as to your health status
  • Staff persons are equipped with the personal protective gear and items that they need in order to create a barrier. Please do not be alarmed or afraid that they knowingly are contagious – again, our goal is your health and safety, and a barrier is one of the ways to demonstrate that
  • All employees are being kept up to date daily, and sometimes more often, of any changes in rules, protocols, or directives from the Centers for Disease Control, Iowa Department of Public Health, Black Hawk County Public Health and our own state association, the Iowa Health Care Association.

Our goals are to do everything we can to keep each other safe so that our services continue uninterrupted.  IF in the future, employees are confirmed with a COVID-19 diagnosis, we will rely on our continuity plan to continue services, but not at the expense of your health.  We will communicate with you if there are any major changes to the provision of services.

In closing, please share this post.  We’ve received many sincere inquiries as to the VNA status and how we are doing.  We are #proudhealthcareworkers and strive every moment of every day to put your health and safety as our priority.

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